Hikers meet on Wednesdays, at 8:00 am, North of the Village Inn parking starting in May

The monthly Meeting of the Canonland Walkers and Hikers is held on 2nd Wednesday at Cañon Coffee Cafe 10:30 A.M.

Meeting starting at 11 A.M. 





June 17          Section 13.     Leader: To be determined.

This is a hike that was previously not completed.  So, let’s try again.  The trailhead is off of Temple Canyon Rd., and leads back to the mountains behind and just west of Dawson Ranch. Bring lunch or snack.



June 24          Quandry Falls

Hike Leader: Charles Rann

This trail to the double falls parallels the stream on the  14,XXX foot mountain , with an optional extra hike to the lake source above.  It is a pretty long drive, with 2 hours each way, as the trail is located on the north side of Hoosier Pass.  The hike is relatively short, (1 mile or so), but steep and at an elevation of over 11,000 feet.  It is however, an extremely rewarding hike.  Charles Rann led this hike a few years ago and some of our group has requested it again.



July 2015 Hikes

July 1                                        Badger Creek        Leader Dale Bokowski 276-0974


Rating:  Easy to moderate- no appreciable elevation change. West on HWY 50, turn right onto CSH 9.  Drive 10 miles north and turn left onto Tallahasse Rd. and continue 22 miles west to the head of Beaver Creek.  Park in area of the bridge crossing.  The trail is an easy to moderate hike, including boulder fields, proceeding south from Badger Springs. Beautiful scenery with chance of spotting Bighorn sheep.  A rambling stream with many small waterfalls and many pools full of trout.

Distance to Trailhead: 37 mile


July 8                    Meeting Day at Muggs

                                                  Grape Creek Trail   Leader: Bill Slaichert

Leave Village Inn-travel west to 1St., then turn left on 1st.and travel 1mile to Temple Canyon Road.  Turn left there and travel about 7 miles to where Grape Creek crosses the road. Park and hike up creek about ½ mile to next creek crossing. Temple Canyon road rather rough, need truck or SUV.  Hike time about 1 hour.





July 15                                      YMCA PEAK     Leader: Jerry Beatty

Drive west on US50 to CR3 then south on CR3 to junction of CR3 and CR28 (Copper Gulch Road) turn left and continue on CR3 approx. 1 mile to CR3A, then go southeast on 3A for about 3 miles to BLM Rd6100, then north 3.25 miles.

Distance/Time: Approx. 3.5 miles RT (3hrs). , elevation gain-330 ft. Rated: 2.6. Ave slope: 3.5%.

Description: Awesome overlook of Canon City and tremendous vistas of Arkansas River and Grape Creek.


July 22          Shaw Park Natural Arch (Red Canyon)  Leader: Charles Rann

West on US 50 for 3.5 miles to CR69. North on CR69 4miles to trailhead. Hiking distance about 2 miles. From parking lot cross over BLM gate by windmill.  The trail proceeds east, then turns north and then westerly to the arch.

Description: Beginning elevation 6,400 ft., final elevation 6,650 ft . Calculated difficulty 4.3. Very fetching appearance of the arch and beautiful view of valley below.


July 29  St. Charles Creek Natural Arch  Leader : Dave Bell

From Wetmore take CSH 96 west to CSH 165. Turn south on to CSH 165 and continue to one mile past St. Isabel Lake, turn left onto Old St. Isabel Rd and go 2.3 miles.  Turn left onto Don Carlos Trail access road to parking area.

Rating: Beginning elevation 8000 ft., ending elevation: 7,600 ft. Calculated Difficulty: 3.7  RT 2.5 miles.

Description: The arch was formed by the collapse of the lower part of an alpine cirque (deep basin) in which, over eons, snow and ice accumulated and, between freezing and thawing, caused a breakout of the cirque bottom. Be careful of loose rocks and boulders!!!