The monthly Meeting of the Canonland Walkers and Hikers is held on 2nd Wednesday at El Alazan Restaurant: 1925 Fremont Dr. Canon City (between Shell gas station and Village Inn restaurant, on the north side of I-50) at 10:30 A.M.

Meeting starting at 11 A.M. 






October 28          Halloween Party at Duponts

Meet at Dupont’s for a short hike over the hill to the cemetery.  Pot Luck and hopefully we will see all of you in costume.



November 2015 Hikes

Remember:  Hikes will start in November at 9:00 A.M.

November 4th – Area 13 Trail West of Dawson Ranch      

Leader:            Jo Rausch or Lavonne Starck

            Meet at the Village in at 9 A.M.

This is an easy moderate incline up valley with trees and open area.  Trail has areas with small rocks, but nice walking otherwise. 

3-6 miles in length depending on desire of hikers.

600 feet elevation gain


November 11 – Road Cleanup  -  Meeting Day at El Alazan  

10:30 A.M. for social     11 A.M. Meeting

                        Meet at the Recreation District on Raynolds and receive bags and jackets

at 9:00 A.M.


November 18 – Colorado Springs – Trailhead just north of Costco             Leader: Jo Rausch

            Meet at the Village in at 9:00 A.M.

Meet at Costco Superstore near Nevada Ave.  Walk north toward Woodman Ave. and beyond.

Trail follows Monument Creek, is surfaced, and is easy with very little elevation.


November 25 – Caňon City Riverwalk                   Leader:  Lola Humphreys

            Meet at the Duck Pond.

First Street to Tunnel Drive Head and beyond.


December Hikes

December 2                  Sand Gulch Camp Ground          Leader: Dave Flanders

Thirteen miles from Village Inn.  Follow the leader to Field Avenue going past the school it turns into Red Canyon Road, Shelf Road and Garden Park Road.  All the same road.  Make left turn and stay right to parking.

Description:  This is a Rock Climbing Hike from the bottom of the canyon up to the Freedom Wall – ‘the rock climbers wall’ – It looks impossible and looks impassible but I (Dave Flanders speaking) have chosen and marked the easy and safest ways up.  We can do it!  Stay together as a group and help anyone who needs help.  Pack a lunch.  Picturesque views at the top.

December 9           Meeting Day and Christmas Party at Jerry and Raquel Beatty’s

Short hike along the River Walk

More information under New Business.

December 16          Fremont Peak                           Leader:  Dave Flanders

Royal Gorge area, trailhead near Picnic Area

December 23      River Walk Trail                        Leader:   Dave Flanders

Description:  walk along the river from the Duck Pond to the Sells Ave. Parking Lot and return.  Easy of Course

December 30          Pathfinder Park                         Leader:        Dave Flanders

Take Hwy.115 towards Florence.  This is an easy walk about 2 miles.